A magician masquerading as a cricketer

Baring my heart
1 min readOct 23, 2022


This man is a magician masquerading as a cricketer.

The willow is his puppet and him a sprightly puppeteer.

You thought the magician has shown you all his tricks?

Wait, for when odds are against him and time ticks ..

The magician will pull-out something from his bag:

the comforting audacity and the delectable swag!

Oh, fool you were to think he is a victim of his age ..

When the magician in him is still on the center stage.

He is sorcerer who draws energy from watchful eyes..

And skillfully coverts it to projectile joys in the skies!

The magician can sometime come out as insufferable.

But trust me, in the end it will all look good in the fable.

Cause when the future generation will listen to his lore ..

They will marvel at the game and expect from it more!

He is the King of all the magicians of the game.

Blue is his jersey and Virat Kohli is his name!



Baring my heart

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