No butter chicken please, we’re Australians: the subtle art of racism

“Fun fact for Indians thinking to migrate to Australia in the future: Australian passport is very powerful. It allows you to travel to almost every other country without having to apply for a visa, except Australia. If you are an Australian Indian in India, you cannot enter Australia. It will be a criminal offence. You will end up in jail if you do so.”

Disclaimer: If this offends you, I have nothing to say. A liberal democratic state cannot abandon it’s citizens or criminalize people from entering their own country.

You ain’t Australian enough if you are brown

You ain’t Australian enough if you don’t frown

To be an Australian you must forget your family back home

If you cannot do that then go back where you came from

Let’s save Australia from those who chose to go to covid hell

Nothing justifies your travel whether its sick parents or funeral

You chose to be an Australian so abide by our ethos

We are fearful of the virus, understand our pathos

In particular the one that originated in the sub-continent

Ah, there is no problem with American and British mutant

Some Australians are more Australians than others

The Americans are friends and Britishers brothers

A lockdown because someone went for a wedding, seriously?

“Who allowed him to go?”, said the Australian media furiously

It did not matter that this exemption was justified back then

’cause what mattered was where he went and the context was Indian.

We reserve our fury and anger for only a certain kind of folks

The ones who beat us in cricket, those curry munching blokes

So, we weren’t angry when Zampa and Richardson sneaked in

How can the media be furious of their own kith and kin?

As India goes through loss of lives and immense pain

We sneer at the them and look at them in disdain

Let’s put the blame on them and forget its pandemic

After all, its their problem, their making and endemic

Ah, lets ignore the good stuffs and focus on what we like to see

Lion, Slumdog Millionaire, The White Tiger and more poverty

Lets report about the dire situation in the sub-continent

Overcrowded roads, burning pyres, squalid slums and lament

Don’t complain of the ban as it is government’s duty of care

To safeguard its people, don’t mistake them for being unfair

The country has every right to protect its own gentry

The ones who are more Australians and are still in the country

Don’t say we must allow Australian Indians in

Because we have the hotel system of quarantine

Lets not overwhelm the system thats serving its purpose

The Indian virus strain is making us utterly nervous

Know that your country might be a potential strategic ally

But for friendship to flourish you must bid virus a goodbye

“A friend in need is a friend indeed” is all rubbish

In the times as these only the Australians must flourish

For that we must close our borders and isolate

And take our time and vaccinate at a slow rate

Let the men drink beer, play footy and women get manicured

And revere our beloved leaders for keeping us secured

Compassion? Excuse me! what?

Compassion should not be the character of a nation. Because that would mean, before asking their government to shut down borders for its own citizens, they should be asking their fellow Australians, “Hey, hope your family back home in India is safe!”

On my first day in Australia in 2010, someone shouted at me, “stupid Indian”. You must be thinking I might have done something stupid. Yes, I was a stupid enough to walk to a supermarket on my first day in the country. Who does that? Within my first week I was told “Go back where you came from”. In my stint in Strathfield Sydney, someone scraped fresh concrete on the apartment driveway to write, “fuck off Indians”. The apartment was coincidentally full of Indians. I have also heard many unpleasant things being said to immigrants on Sydney transports. Despite these stray incidents I decided to stay here because most of the Aussies were friendly and welcoming. Live and let live seemed to be the mantra of life here.

I believe that most immigrants brush aside stray incidents of racism for the better standard of life that this country provides. They also ignore racism because they are aware of their own imperfections. But is Australia a perfect country? I now have an answer to this question.

That “someone” I mentioned before was right. I am a stupid.

PS: Australia is a signatory to international human rights convention and duty bound to bring back its citizens



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